Monday, November 21, 2022


Heart 'n Saddle Saloon (Texts for the Theatre), by Red Shuttleworth is an assemblage of fragments, monologue poems, scenes that some theatre might with to work on.

The title piece is a fragment from a verse play, Heart 'n Saddle Saloon that was produced by University of Nevada, Las Vegas to tour to Fallon, Nevada, for the Churchill Arts Council.  This production was directed brilliantly by Michael Lugering.

Heart 'n Saddle Saloon was one of the two plays presented in Fallon in 1992.  The other free verse play was They Dream Ghost Riders... a refreshed version that was first directed by Cathy Hurst at UNLV in 1989.

The late Toni Loppnow was with the project from the first UNLV production of They Dream Ghost Riders.  Intense, innovative, dedicated, and of great talent, Toni Loppnow acted in numerous plays in Los Angeles after taking a degree from UNLV.  

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